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About Us

Weatherspoon & Williams LLC Training & Development division is excited to offer a menu of service to meet your needs. WWLLC is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and certified to offer services in over 14 states nationwide. We bring over 53 years combined experience to the customers that we serve.


We are working with people, supporting growth, encouraging professional and personal development with a passion. We operate with principles such as dignity and respect, individuality, responsibility and accountability. Providing exceptional customer service is the expectation here at WWLLC. We measure our outcomes of success by our customer’s satisfaction and goal achievement.


We offer a menu of webinars that focus on both personal and professional development and coaching. These webinars are typically hosted in a one (1) hour session. Customers are able to participate in an interactive, video / audio session that focuses on the identified topic with the purposes of enhancing skills and tools to assist them in any settings.

Coaching & Development

Have you promoted staff from within your organization or hired qualified external managers? Supervisors and Managers still need training and development to enhance their skills of supervising. The management team has commitment and willingness to oversee operations but can use coaching skills to supervise better and become more effective managers.

Strategic Planning

Does your organization need a two, three- or five-year plan? Do you need assistance organizing structural plans and clarity of direction? Do staff operate in accordance with the company mission? We can assist you by providing Strategic Planning.

Program & Curricula Development

We offer program development, assistance in scheduling, designing curricula for programs, creating work groups, individual specialized programs, purpose, and measurable outcomes.

System Development

Does your organization have the systems implemented to equal the tasks?  Is there room for improvement in productivity?  We develop systems specific to your organization to increase productivity and standardize operations.

List of Training Courses

Weatherspoon & Williams Training services focuses on the development of staff, departments and organizations. We understand the importance of increasing skill sets, and productivity. Trainings are created and relevant for all levels of staff. Staff will benefit in ongoing professional learning and companies will see a Return on Investment (ROI) through increased productivity. Front line staff, Entry Level Staff, Supervisors, Managers, and Executive Management will see improvement in identified deficits and an increase in motivation.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Management / Supervision
  • Boundaries & Ethics
  • Effective Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Cultural Sensitivity / Diversity
  • Team Development /Teamwork
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Crisis Management
  • Documentation Issues Impacting Customer /Client Wellness
  • Project Management & Prioritizing

A Message From Our CEO

You Are In Good Company!

“Brandy’s seminar will challenge you to think about the different areas of your life that you wish to improve, and remind you of why these areas of your world are worth your focus. More importantly, she will help you to shift your mindset and make you ultimately realize why YOU are worthy of health, wellness, abundance, and prosperity”

— Cathy H. 

“I have known Brandy for over 10 years in many capacities. Brandy is efficient, detail oriented and extremely competent. Brandy also has an excellent rapport with people of all walks of life. Her excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all kinds of people and to inspire them to put forth their best effort. Brandy is motivating, positive and an awesome leader”

— Naya S. 

“Your daily focus, determination and commitment inspires me DAILY to make better choices. To know someone else who has had the same struggles I have had continues to push through helps me not lose the same focus”.

— Andrea T. 

“I feel it is very interactive and I loved hearing others issues as well as their solutions. I appreciated how Brandy added guidance on the topic”.

— Denice C. 

“Brandy’s middle name should be accountability! She helps you see that your results are the sum of total parts. If you are accountable for the parts on the front end, there is no need to worry about your results on the back end”

— Vernee S. 

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