About Us

Brandy Weatherspoon, M.S.


Brandy Weatherspoon has dedicated her time, education and professional practice towards clients, families, employees and organizations. The population serviced has included but not limited to client treatment, staff development, human resources, organizational development, systems analysis, and general management oversight. Brandy also has experience in developing programs, clinical consultation, operations, performance, master scheduling, compliance auditing and performance outcomes.

Brandy earned her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice / Sociology at Lock Haven University, and went on to earn her Masters in Professional Counseling under the School of Psychology from Carlow University. Brandy is looking to pursue her DM- Doctoral Degree in Organizational Psychology- Management Consultation in the near future.

Brandy has worked in management and leadership roles during the last 14+ years of her professional experience. Brandy has participated and collaborated with agencies, throughout Allegheny County, connecting referral sources and participating in marketing efforts to reach consumers , families, employees and other professionals.

Most recently, Brandy has developed webinars, personal development coaching seminars to assist customers in self improvement. Brandy is on a mission to empower organizations, individuals and to assist them to develop. Brandy has assisted in improving business practices, staff morale, strategies and techniques. Brandy continues to working with our consumers to increase effectiveness and creativity.

Lindsey Scott
Social Media Manager


Lindsey Scott is a new addition to WWLLC. A graduate of the University of Akron; Lindsey received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She believes those professions have heavily influenced her approach in how to effectively deliver compelling content that leads to action and ultimately drives business results at WWLLC. Lindsey most recently, has supported the WWLLC Training / Development Division in the branding process, media marketing for webinars and assisting the management team in executing new innovative ideas.

Donald Williams
Chief Consultant


Don Williams is a senior-level financial manager with extensive hands-on experience in business administration, consulting, leadership, working with shareholders and executives and government officials. His proven ability for improving operational performance, maximizing profitability, minimizing risk and growing enterprise value through project management, negotiating and execution of project completion have made him a leading force in the industry.

In 2007, Don managed a $57 million revenue increase in sales for work directly with the Homeland Security Agency providing contracting services for 100 miles of securing fencing along the United States and Mexico border. His responsibilities included contract management and on-site execution of service, including supply chain management consisting of manufacturing, scheduling, transportation, and execution of project design requirements; completion of most strenuous part of contracting requiring the securing of 37 miles of border in 90 days.

More Recently, Don along with daughter Brandy started Weatherspoon & Williams LLC after his steel manufacturing facility industries was bought out. WWLLC has grown into a major minority general contractor supplier. This has been done with the firm and purposeful leadership of Don Williams. With leadership and experience, the organization has implemented many new business strategies and processes.

In 2017-2019, Don attended Georgia Power Mentoring program for Diversity and Inclusion and participating in the University of Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Fellows program. His participation refreshed many of the company’s proven procedures resulting in a huge increase in WWLLC revenue, and a profit market increase about 15%.

Donald holds a B.A. from Juanita College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Angel Williams


Angel Williams has worked with WWLLC for the past two years. She trained closely with our accountant Listwak, Finke & Associates. She has become proficient in top level QuickBooks along with bringing her lifelong experiences in management to WWLLC. Angel along with the younger team is part of the
succession plan, and provides financial stability, and credibility to our organization.

Ayanna Callaway
Business Development Specialist


Ayanna has bought to us enthusiasm and excitement. She has eagerly developed the business development and project management skill set necessary to be a valuable team player within the company’s frontline. Ayanna’s ability to build relationships and interact with our customers is stellar! Do not hesitate to contact Ayanna directly to tap into the goods and services of WWLLC.